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Fall leaves with a cluster of butterflies in the center.  Printed on pages from a book of poems by Emily Dickinson.  About 20” in diameter, so I can ship it.  Available on Etsy.

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I know it’s early for the holidays, but I couldn’t help myself.  Some of these are in my Etsy shop, and others I’m taking to a local craft fair next weekend. There are Spiderman, Shakespeare, Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland and The Cat in the Hat.  If you want one that’s not listed just let me know.  It’s real glass, not that hazy plastic Christmas ball.

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More graphic novel book clocks.  I’ve got more clocks to finish and photograph.  Still on my graphic novel list though.  Major improvements in photography on these.  I discovered a light box!  These are all hardback, over-sized graphic novels.  Some have dust jackets, some have the printed cover. 

They won’t be in my Etsy store until after my next event in September.  If you’d like one just let me know.  Most are one of a kind, I generally don’t make two of anything, because where’s the fun in that?  I will be making another of the Avengers Endless Wartime, mostly because I fell in love with putting the clock right in the middle of that star.  Couldn’t resist. But when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Just finished a long weekend of upcycling.  Posted to Pinterest and Etsy too.

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I’ve been really busy making more book clocks.  These are all graphic novels, except William Shakespeare’s Star Wars.  I couldn’t resist that one. There’s an entire series and I feel more book clocks coming on.

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by alexlibris-bookart:

Art journal, the ‘Anatomia Humani Corporis’, ultimate Renaissance anatomical sketchbooks – scientific masterpieces with lucid insights into the functioning of the human body.

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Someone suggested that I take my booth to Comicon and try my hand at upcycling hardbound graphic novels.  This is one idea.  I’ve also got some ideas for hidden compartments in Harry Potter books.

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More book wreaths.  The colorful ones are made of pages from a world atlas.  The other is made from a book of music.

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Me and Religion

Assuming you believe in Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden…
Assuming you believe that Eve offered Adam the Forbidden Fruit…

I have to ask myself why didn’t Adam say, “No thanks, Eve.”

Well of course I know why. His libido said, hey, if I partake of this fruit, I will probably get to have sex with Eve. Bring on the fruit.

So once again, Eve gets blamed for Adam’s inability to control his libido.

And the blame continues to this day.

Eve, aka Woman, is always blamed for Adam’s, aka men’s, inability to deny responsibility for his own choices.

If Eve didn’t do this, then of course Adam wouldn’t have done that. If Eve wasn’t on a dark street, then of course Adam wouldn’t have assaulted her. If Eve didn’t dress that way, then Adam wouldn’t be tempted by her.

Which directly leads us to a world in which violence against women is somehow the fault of the woman.

Aka, original sin. And didn’t Adam sin as willingly as Eve?

There’s a lot of reasons why I’m an atheist.